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Detailed explanation of the electrical parameters of the MMCX connector


MMCX connector is also called MMCX RF connector. The electrical parameters of MMCX connector mainly include impedance, frequency, standing wave ratio and insertion loss. The following is a brief introduction of each parameter.

1 characteristic impedance

It is based on the transmission line theory, the conductors of the parallel lines are set to be uniform, and the length is infinitely long. The formula is finally determined to be 50 ohms and 75 ohms. This value is called characteristic impedance or specific impedance.

2 frequency

It refers to the number of times the line signal oscillates in unit time. The unit is Hertz, which is usually expressed by ̊F.

3 voltage standing wave ratio VSWR

The composite wave of the incident wave and the reflected wave is called a standing wave. The ratio of the maximum value to the minimum value of the standing wave is called the voltage standing wave ratio (also called the standing wave coefficient). At the load end, we are called the reflection coefficient for the extent to which the incident voltage can be reflected. The reflection coefficient is equal to the ratio of the reflected voltage to the incident voltage

This is just a part of the parameters of the MMCX connector. There are more practical information, such as MMCX connector instructions, quotation standards, etc., can contact the Tiankele RF manufacturer; if you have any questions in this regard, please call Free access to the solution phone 0086 (755) -66827658

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