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How to maintain the balance of the RF test system for the RF cable assembly


For example, when a test cable of 18 GHz is used in a 40 GHz microwave test system, then the system is unbalanced. Then Xiaotian said how to choose a suitable RF cable assembly from the perspective of the performance of the cable itself.

1) In a microwave measurement system that claims to be 40 GHz (such as a 40 GHz signal source, spectrum analyzer, etc.), if only 26.5 GHz test cable assemblies and adapters are found, then the system is unbalanced. ;

2) When the highest frequency of the DUT (device under test) is 6 GHz, using a 40 GHz spectrum analyzer and a 6 GHz test cable assembly, the current test system is balanced;

3) Regardless of the system, if the test cable fails, even if it is a soft fault, such as a random contact failure at the root of the connector and cable, in this case, as the cable shakes or moves, the spectrum The amplitude reading on the analyzer will change, and the tester has not noticed that the cable is faulty. Obviously the system is also unbalanced.

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