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RF cable assembly wiring method and steps


Xiaotian listened to many customers who said that after buying and returning, they didn't know how to install RF cable components. When they encountered so many customers, they all had these problems. Xiaotian explained the installation methods and steps of RF cable assemblies.

Flexible cable attachment method

1. Stripping: Stripping the wire according to the size specified in the product drawings, stripping the wire with a wire stripper tool or a blade, but not damaging the cable core wire, the inner and outer insulation layers and the shielding layer.

 2. Solder inner conductor: Install the wire clamp and the protective wire sleeve, and solder the inner conductor to the cable core wire with solder with a melting point of +125 ° C or higher. Be careful not to burn the cable insulation.

 3. Crimp the outer conductor: crimp the clamp into six sides with a crimping pliers to make the cable shield in good contact with the outer conductor.

4. Install the heat-shrinkable tube: blow the hot air evenly with a blower, and shrink the heat-shrinkable tube.

Semi-rigid cable attachment method and steps

 1. Stripping: Strip the wire with a lathe or special tools according to the drawings and stripping dimensions.

 2, solder: solder with a melting point of +150 ° C or more soldered outer conductor, melting point +125 ° C solder soldering inner conductor.

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