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Wired communication system RF connector design requirements?


In today's networks, interconnected devices, or RF connectors, play an important role: first, they can electrically connect individual devices to form larger network systems; on the other hand, today's standardized interconnections enable devices manufactured by different companies to Work together to build a network in a neighborhood to meet business or community needs.

Therefore, in a wired communication system, the connector has three main functions: first, it can realize electrical connection between a circuit board and a single electrical component in a single device; second, if a standardized interconnection is used, different companies can be made. The manufactured devices work together to form a network in a block to meet the needs of the business or community; and third, to achieve reliable functionality through design to withstand the known working environment and equipment service period Work intensity.

For the requirements of the connector of the wired communication system, the following aspects should be considered in the design:

1. Gold-plated contact interface for ensuring higher wear resistance and good electrical properties;

2. Redundant contact interface to ensure high reliability;

3. Optional airtight connection or PCB soldering;

4. The external features of the housing are to facilitate guiding and guiding when inserted;

5. Use different pin heights to ensure the sequential connection sequence of signal and ground;

6. The high-power power supply should use special terminals, and the contact terminals of the signal should be different;

7. Ensure EMI characteristics and chassis grounding.

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