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Coaxial connector plating


Today, Xiaotian met the customer and said that the coaxial connector problem caused the coaxial connector to be defective. Mainly because the electroplating plant did not process the sewage because it was not dirty, resulting in uneven plating. Therefore, the effect of electroplating on the performance of the connector is still very large. To talk about this problem, Xiaotian discussed the electroplating problem of the coaxial connector with everyone today.

First, the bright nickel plating layer - it is a widely used and relatively inexpensive plating. It is mainly used for the outer conductor and housing part of the universal connector. It is used more for general commercial connectors. It has good corrosion resistance and salt spray resistance, and should not be used for products with intermodulation requirements.

Second, the bright silver plating layer - this is the best conductivity plating. For some high-end military products, silver must be plated. However, the hard and hard silver plating is high in cost, and the disadvantage is that after the surface protective film is destroyed, it is easily vulcanized in the atmosphere, yellowing and blackening.

Third, plating ternary alloy - this is a copper-tin-zinc alloy, the ratio is: copper 55%, tin 30%, zinc 15%. It is a substitute for silver plating and nickel, its chemical properties are relatively stable, and it has been widely used by products with intermodulation requirements.

Fourth, the gold plating layer - the gold layer is relatively stable, not easy to corrode, and the electrical conductivity is inferior to the silver plating layer. Since the thickness of the gold plating layer directly affects the wear resistance, the thicker the price, the higher the price.

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