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GPS recorder and SMA connector features


GPS Recorder - SMA connector features higher sensitivity and fast update speed. The new modules can be equipped with an amazingly powerful 20Hz update speed, 29mA operating current and high sensitivity. The portable GPS recorder module outputs the standard NMEA-0183 or SkyTraq binary statement with an initial speed of 9600 bps (adjustable to 115200 bps). The Venus638FLPx offers increased sensitivity, integrated LNA (with multipath verification and containment), embedded RTC and integrated single power supply for easy operation.

GPS recorder - SMA connector features

1. 20Hz update rate

2. 1HZ recording rate

3. -148dBm cold start sensitivity

4. Tracking sensitivity -165dBm

5. 29 seconds cold start TTFF

6. AGPS 3.5 seconds TTFF

7. 1 second hot start

8. 2.5 meter accuracy

9. Multipath detection and suppression

10. Interference detection and mitigation

11. SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS) support

12. 65mW full power navigation

13. Work directly with active or passive antennas

14. Support external SPI flash data record

15. IC 32M Serial Flash

16. Complete receiver, size 10mm*10mm*13mm

17. Includes LNA, SAW filter, TCXO, RTC Xtal, LDO

18. Powered by 3.7LiPo battery (or any 3.5-12V power supply) via JST connector or 3.3V stable power supply

19. 1.25*0.75 inches

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