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What are the 3 types of RF coaxial connectors?


Generally, each type of RF coaxial connector has three grades of products, and at the same time cost and performance, a suitable adapter is ensured for each type. Some special adapters (connectors) or not all three levels of products can be found. The following Xiaotian said that the 3 levels of RF coaxial connectors are the three levels of products.

Metering level

· Standard parts for calibration

· The highest performance slotless connection design

· Minimum tolerance

· Air medium

· long life

· High cost

   In all connector levels, metering-level connectors perform best, and their cost is also the largest. Usually used as a calibration standard, performance inspection standard and some applications where precision connections are required. This class of connectors is the most accurate and has the smallest tolerances and can withstand multiple iterations, making it the oldest of all grades.

   Metering grade adapters are the closest in terms of material and size. To provide the highest level of performance and traceability, the metering adapters feature an air media interface and a slotless female connector.

Although the repeatability of the metering adapter is good, it guarantees good accuracy after several uses, but this does not mean that the metering adapter is very strong and should not be used with care. Conversely, because the tools and processes used in this type of adapter are of the highest precision, they are paired with a lower grade adapter and metering adapter, dust and a little bit of debris. It will cause a high-precision measurement to fail, and at the same time it may damage the adapter of the metering stage.

Note: Do not use the adapter (metering level) of your metering standard to the production grade adapter.

Instrument level

· Used on the instrument's output input interface and some economical calibration parts

· Better performance

· Smaller tolerances

· Support for non-conducting media interfaces

· Long service life

   Instrument-grade connectors are often considered to be "intermediate grade" connectors. This grade of connector is mainly used on the inside of the instrument and the connector of the instrument. This type of adapter is also used on some economical calibration parts. It provides better test performance and less tolerance. Compared with metering adapters, some instrument-grade adapters may use non-conducting interfaces and may not be perfectly matched to metering joints.

Note: Although academically called instrument level, the test connector on some instruments uses a very high precision connector (very close to the metering level), so add appropriate rotation to the instrument's test port as much as possible during the application process. Connector.

Production level

· Used on products

· Low performance

· Large tolerances

· Support for non-conducting media interfaces

· Limited number of connections

· low cost

It is the lowest level connector and is usually used on test products because of its large tolerances. The performance of this class of connectors is also the worst of all grades. Every time you connect to the instrument using this level of connector, you need to carefully check the connector. Do not use production-grade connectors to connect your metering-level connectors.

Production-grade connectors are relatively low cost and have a short life span. If the joint level of the device under test is relatively low, use the appropriate adapter to protect the connector of the instrument when connecting the instrument.

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