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How to connect and troubleshoot board-to-board connectors


Xiaotian recently discovered that many customers are extremely scarce of the connection and troubleshooting of board-to-board connectors. It cannot be dealt with in time after a problem occurs, which has a bad influence on itself and the company. Below is some information collected by Xiaotian for your reference.

Board-to-board connector circuit connection

The board-to-board connector is used as an electrical connection between two separate circuit boards, including a first connector that is connected to the circuit board and a switch connector that is used to serially connect the first connector, wherein the first connection The device has a first terminal that is connected to the circuit board and a body that houses the first terminal. The adapter connector is provided with a second terminal and a body for accommodating the second terminal, and the two extended tail ends of the second terminal can be respectively mated with the first terminal to achieve and be respectively disposed on the two circuit boards. An electrical connection of the first connector, wherein an end of one of the first terminal and the second terminal is provided with an oppositely bent elastic portion, and the body and the second terminal are set according to a pitch of the circuit board Choose a moderate extension length.

Board-to-board connector troubleshooting

When the connector has an open circuit failure, it may be caused by a broken wire during use, the connector is loose, and the connector terminals are loose. Because the fault of the wire is broken in the middle is very difficult to see, most of them are broken at the connector. Therefore, the inspection should focus on carefully checking the sensor and the connecting wire, whether there is looseness and poor contact. Connector breakage caused by poor contact is often caused by rust on the connector end, external dirt entering the terminal or connecting to the socket, which leads to a decrease in contact pressure. At this time, just remove the connector and reinstall it to change its connection and return it to normal contact.

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