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Semi-rigid cable assembly processing


Semi-rigid cable assembly has low loss, low radiation, good electromagnetic compatibility, high bandwidth and excellent noise suppression. It is mainly used in various signal transceivers, modules or antennas and transmitters to ensure accurate and low-loss signals. High efficiency and high quality transmission. With the development of miniaturization and high frequency, the demand for semi-rigid cable assemblies is increasing, and the requirements for standing wave of electrical parameters of semi-rigid cable assemblies are becoming higher and higher. Xiaotian below mainly explains the optimization of the processing technology of semi-rigid cable assemblies.

     The processing of rigid cable assemblies includes cutting, forming, pre-heat treatment, stripping, welding and other processes. Strict and effective quality control is required in each process to ensure the final assembly quality and good electrical performance of the cable assembly.

      Among them, when cutting semi-rigid cable, care should be taken not to cause defects such as indentation and crack on the outer conductor of the cable, so as not to damage the coaxiality, and the minimum bending radius should not be less than 2 times the diameter of the cable; Do not damage the inner conductor of the semi-rigid cable. The length of the stripping is carried out according to the connector manual. When the semi-rigid cable is soldered, there must be no solder splashing or flowing to the mating surface of the contact, otherwise the electrical performance parameters of the cable assembly will be affected. After the completion, wipe the solder joints to prevent residuals.

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