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How to attach the cable assembly


The cable assembly is a high-precision use consumable. Incorrect operation, high-strength and frequent use will shorten the service life of the cable, so everyone should pay attention to the routine maintenance of the cable assembly when using it normally. There are also different installation methods for different connectors in the application, so Xiaotian tells everyone to distinguish.

There are three main ways to install cable assemblies:

   1. Straight-welded type: inner conductor of cable and inner conductor of connector; semi-rigid cable outer conductor and soldered connection of outer conductor of connector, special assembly tool is needed.

Advantages: 1. The cable can be good;

2. The welded structure has high rigidity and good integrity;

3. There are many kinds of welding methods, and the welding process has wide applicability and is relatively easy to be realistic.

   2. Crimp type: The cable shielding layer is crimped and fixed on the connector by special crimping pliers. The structure is simple, the connection speed is fast, the consistency is good, and the reliability is high. The structure is suitable for flexible cables.

Advantages: 1. Simple structure;

2. Fast attachment speed;

3. Consistency is good;

4. High reliability.

   3. Clamping type: When assembling the connector and the cable, the cable shielding layer is connected and fixed by the clamping mechanism to the outer conductor of the connector housing by the nut structure, and the structure is suitable for the flexible cable and the feeder cable.

Advantages: 1. The copper crimping terminal is very convenient, and the chain bridging can be easily realized according to the actual requirements;

2. When the wire terminals are closely adjacent, it can improve the insulation safety and prevent the wire from bifurcation;

3. Make the wire easier to insert into the tip.

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