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Coaxial cable RF properties


Coaxial cable has a large number of RF attribute parameters, which is also important, and is also the main reference for coaxial cable application selection. The following small days talk about the radio frequency properties of the coaxial cable.

Characteristic impedance: The characteristic impedance is a theoretically calculated equivalent parameter, which reflects the measurement of the degree of obstruction of the transmission of the radio frequency signal when the wire transmits the radio frequency signal. The physical level reflects the loss of the transmission line and the signal. delay. If the characteristic impedances of the wires are consistent, the signal energy can be maximized. If there is a discontinuity in the characteristic impedance, then the reflection loss of the RF signal energy, the termination source impedance and the magnitude of the load impedance are also required and characterized. The impedance is consistent, ensuring that the signal power is maximized.

Parasitic capacitance: Due to the presence of coaxial inner conductor, dielectric and outer shield, the transmission line has the ability to store charge, so it has a certain capacitive effect on the signal. The size of this capacitor limits the maximum operating frequency that the transmission line can transmit. In high frequency applications, pay attention to the length of the transmission line and the size of the parasitic capacitance to attenuate the high frequency signal.

Transmission loss: Due to the DC resistance of the conductor and the high-frequency obesity effect, the transmission line has a certain heat loss to the signal. The longer the transmission line, the greater the loss.

Transmission delay: Due to the existence of dielectric in the transmission line, there is a certain delay in the transmission of high-frequency signals in the dielectric. The signals of different frequencies have different delays. Therefore, when transmitting broadband high-frequency signals, attention should be paid to the transmission delay. influences.

Return loss: Due to manufacturing process and manufacturing quality difference, the characteristic impedance may be inconsistent and discontinuous, so it will cause reflection loss of RF signal, because of non-ideality, imperfection, echo of wire Loss is actually present, but depending on the quality of the wire itself, the loss has a size difference.

Rated power: Due to the existence of conductor resistance and high-frequency skin effect, when transmitting high-power high-frequency signals, the wire will heat up, and the dielectric also has the risk of being broken down. The RF coaxial wire has an acceptable transmission power. Under this transmission power condition, the RF coaxial cable can be used normally, and beyond this power limit, the coaxial line may fail.

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