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Six major trends in RF connectors


The new application market also has new requirements for RF connectors. The new ones are smaller RF connectors, higher reliability, higher wireless performance and certain intelligence. This is a new demand in the market. RF connectors can only meet new demands in order to grasp new market opportunities.

1, high-frequency high-speed connector technology

    In many 5G communication applications, the connector carries the transformation of optical signals and electrical signals. With the advent of the 5G Internet of Things era, 5G's high data and high transmission requirements are destined to require connector performance upgrades, while high-frequency high-speed Features have become new requirements.

2, wireless transmission connector technology

     In the era of the Internet of Things, wireless technology will also be ubiquitous. In addition to the contact connection method as before, the connector will guarantee the connection of wireless transmission in many occasions such as industry and automobile. After all, the dual protection is the safest.

3, smaller and more convenient connector technology

       Previous connectors were used for many contacts, which were populated in many expansion card slots. Of course, in the 5G era, there might be dozens of connectors in a fiber optic device, which required smaller connectors for higher performance connections.

4. More accurate and lower cost connector technology

     Since automobiles are very demanding on safety, automotive connectors are inherently a very large market. With the development of electric vehicles, connectors will require higher precision and cost, and they will be more popular than previous connectors. .

5, smarter connector technology

     With the advent of the AI era, the connector may not only implement a simple transmission function, but in the future, in the switching power supply, in addition to ensuring the electrical signal data, the connector can perform simple intelligent judgment and protection, output correct data and avoid power supply. Damage, of course, this requires the support of IC technology.

6, the automatic production technology of the connector

     In the traditional connector design and production, manpower accounts for the main part, and with the development of industrial automation, especially the precision machining, grinding tools and CAD of connectors, these advanced machines will become the main force of the industry.

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