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Through-hole plating for special plating methods of PCB connector boards


Xiaotian is going to talk about the through-hole plating of the PCB connector circuit board, to understand the most basic knowledge, in order to better control the product performance.

There are various ways to create a layer of compliant plating on the walls of the substrate borehole. This is called hole wall activation in industrial applications. The production process for PCB connector boards requires multiple intermediate tanks. Each tank has its own control and maintenance standards. Through-hole plating is a necessary process for the subsequent fabrication of the drilling process. When the drill bit is drilled through the copper foil and the lower substrate, the heat generated causes the insulating synthetic resin constituting most of the substrate substrate to melt, the molten resin and the drilled fragments. Stacked around the hole, coated on the newly exposed hole wall in the copper foil, which is actually harmful to the subsequent plating surface. The molten resin also leaves a hot layer on the wall of the substrate which exhibits poor adhesion to most activators, necessitating the development of a similar class of stain removal and etchback chemistry.

One method that is more suitable for the prototyping of printed PCB connector boards is the use of this specially designed low viscosity ink for forming a highly adherent, highly conductive film on the inner wall of each via. This eliminates the need for multiple chemical treatments, requires only one application step, followed by thermal curing to produce a continuous film on the inside of all of the walls of the hole, which can be electroplated immediately without further processing. This type of ink is a resin-based material that has a very strong adhesion and can be bonded to most of the thermally polished walls without any effort, thus eliminating the etch back step.

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