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Common PCB connector Delta L method loss test


The PCB connector Delta L method loss test is proposed by Intel and has been widely used in mass production testing of server products. It is an alternative to the SET2DIL method.

The Delta L method is designed to design two transmission lines of different lengths. The transmission line is connected to the test probe or SMA through vias (Pads), pads, etc., and the VNA is used to test the insertion loss value of the long and short lines. The value ILA = ILX1\#+ ILVias, the insertion loss value of structure B ILB = ILX2\#+ ILVias.

After obtaining the insertion loss of the long and short lines, the fitting operation is first performed to remove the influence of the multiple reflections, and then the difference operation is performed immediately, and then the insertion loss value of the transmission line per unit length is obtained:

IL = (ILA-ILB) / (X1-X2). In order to weaken the mismatch effect of the test system and the effect of multiple reflections on the insertion loss results, the Delta L method has strict requirements on the length of the length line. Generally, the difference between the long and short lines needs to exceed 7.5 cm, so that the influence of multiple reflections is minimized.

Delta L has no specification for calibration. It can be tested without calibration such as SOLT. It can effectively remove the effects of fixture effects such as vias on test results. It is easy to operate and has high test accuracy.

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