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What are the production processes for coaxial cable?


Generally, coaxial cables must be connected to the production process through 6 to the production process. Different companies may have different intermediate links. The following is a brief description of the process flow that most companies must do now.

The first process: into the warehouse inspection, mainly to test the raw materials.

The second process: physical foam insulation. (For key processes) Select the world's most advanced physical foam insulation production line of Swiss NEXTROM company, use three-layer co-extrusion method to make leather - foam - leather best insulation form, with low attenuation, low standing wave ratio, High foaming (7/8" up to 85%), high power capacity, excellent corrosion resistance and excellent lateral water tightness.

The third process: insulation testing. It mainly tests the geometric parameters such as the diameter and capacitance of the insulation and the primary electrical parameters.

The fourth process: argon arc welding, embossing. (Being a key process) The outer conductor is made of the most advanced American TATSON argon arc welding embossing line. Choose up to 11 sets of electric welding and welding molds, unique slotted belt traction belt and its smooth idle rolling machine to ensure excellent bending performance, excellent shielding characteristics, excellent standing wave ratio, and excellent roundness. Integrity and precise peak and trough size.

The fifth process: inspection. Mainly test the main geometric parameters and secondary electrical parameters of the outer conductor of the cable.

The sixth process: jacket. The same selection of the world's most advanced Finnish NEXTROM company's sheath production line. The excellent process can ensure the concentricity, wear resistance and weather resistance of the finished sheath meet the specifications.

The seventh process: finished product testing. The mechanical physical properties and electrical parameters of the finished cable are tested strictly according to the YD/T 1092-2004 standard or the user-specified technical standards.

The eighth process: the finished cable is rewinded. According to the user's length requirements, the completed finished cable is cut and cut.

The ninth process: packaging and delivery. According to the industry standards, according to the size of the product, the weight of the product, the relative packaging materials and packaging specifications are selected, and the identification outside the box is clear. The certificate and the single box are complete. The product name and quantity are clear, and the label is conspicuous and clear. The effectiveness avoids misuse and misuse.

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