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How to attach the cable assembly


With the development of information technology, the application of cable components in the field of radio frequency in the electronic communication industry is becoming more and more popular, affecting all aspects of work and life. For example, in communication, mobile phones, automobiles, and the like, all kinds of things that can be perceived in life can be perceived. If there is a radio frequency problem that cannot be solved personally, it is not easy to deal with without relevant knowledge. Then, Xiaotian will introduce the connection of cable components. After all, I know a lot of knowledge and technology, and it is also convenient to handle things that can be done in life.

   There are three main types of cable assembly:

(1) Straight-welded type: inner conductor of the cable and inner conductor of the connector; the outer conductor of the semi-rigid cable is soldered to the outer conductor of the connector, and special special assembly tools are required.


1. The cable can be good;

2. The welding structure has high strength and good integrity;

3. There are many types of welding methods, and the welding process has wide versatility and is easy to be practical.

(2) Crimp type: The cable shielding layer is crimped and fixed to the connector by a special type crimping pliers. The structure is simple, the assembly is faster, the integrity is good, and the reliability is high. The structure can be used for a flexible cable.


1. Simple construction;

2. Attached faster;

3. Good integrity;

4. High reliability.

(3) Clamping type: When assembling the connector and the cable, the nut shield is connected and fixed according to the clamping mechanism and the outer conductor of the connector housing, and the configuration is suitable for the flexible cable and the feeder cable.


1. The copper crimping terminal is very convenient, and the chain bridging can be easily realized according to practical requirements;

2. When the wire terminal is in close proximity, it can improve the insulation safety and avoid the wire branching;

3. Allows the wire to be inserted into the tip more easily.

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