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What manufacturers produce ipex connectors are more professional


The ipex connector is a type of coaxial connector and is one of the ultra-small connectors of the RF family! Most of the ipex connectors are from Japan. Many domestic agents are selling at a higher price. Therefore, it is still difficult to find a professional ipex coaxial connector manufacturer in China. What should we do?

In fact, it is very simple:

The first is to look at the certification. The factory with poor quality is definitely not qualified for the high gold content in the industry, so it cannot be signed. What do you think? As you can see on the official website of the company, it is best to select high-tech enterprises that are recognized by the state;

The second is to look at the service. The service must satisfy the company. What do you think of this? Looking at the customer case, the more long-term customers you can get, the more customers, the better the service will be! The customer case will be displayed in the official website of the company, and the supplier of large customers such as Huawei will be selected first;

The third is to look at the scale, it can also be said that the annual output, to ensure that the supplier has sufficient strength to supply itself, of course, if only small batch demand, the quality can be.

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