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5G connection is based on board-to-board connector


The 3/4G period exists in the form of a feeder network, which is connected according to the feeder. The wireless antenna and the RRU are connected to each other, and the antenna antenna of the antenna is connected to the RF device according to the feeder. The RF feeder between the antenna and the RRU mainly includes a main feeder and a jumper. The jumper provides a connection between the base station antenna and the main feeder, the main feeder and the BTS, usually a 1/2" cable; the main feeder is the machine room to The antenna platform is connected between the two, usually using a 7/8" cable. The internal feeder of the antenna is mainly a semi-flexible cable.

In the 5G era, the antenna is activated. The AAU internal power distribution network and the baseband processing board will exist in the form of pcb boards. The traditional feeder connection method cannot meet the demand. In this case, the board-to-board connector needs to be connected by the RF connector. . The blind plug-in RF connectors are electrically connected to the input end of the antenna RF channel and the output port of the transceiver component. The type and form of the blind plug-in RF connector are many and can be selected at will.

The SMP board-to-board connector assembly is a floating structure consisting of a snap holder soldered to the PCB and another slide holder soldered to the PCB and an adapter bulk in the middle. The two pods are each soldered to two PCB boards, and three connectors and two PCB boards form one connector circuit board assembly.

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