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What are the requirements for RF connectors in smart furniture? -[Twinlink]


 In recent years, with the rapid development trend of the Internet of Things, "smart home" has gradually attracted people's attention, and has gradually infiltrated into social life. Based on housing, using various network communication technologies, security technology, sensor technology, automatic control technology, remote monitoring technology, audio and video technology to platform the home life, building objects and objects, objects and people, people and people The interactive system of efficiency finally establishes the wisdom, food, clothing and accommodation of home safety, interactivity, environmental protection and artistry. Smart Home's demand for high quality RF connectors, the products are mainly reflected in the following points:

   High reliability

   Designing high quality, safe and reliable devices for predicting application scenarios is critical to industry and regulatory standards. The module connection, various high-frequency connection and power connection system designed by Tiankele have the characteristics of stable performance under the condition of ultra-high frequency plugging frequency.



   Tiankele has a unique solution for handling specific applications such as high temperatures. For example, the oven connector in the kitchen can meet the environmental standards of up to 450 degrees, and has anti-corrosion and flame-retardant properties. It can be customized according to customer specifications for different frequencies, powers and specifications.



   As a result, the integration trend of home appliances is deepening, and the connector cannot occupy too much space for the device. Especially for small 6 GHz small wireless devices (1.8mm x 1.9mm x 1.5mm); Mini-SMP connectors are very small coaxial connectors, about 70% of SMP size, balanced with radial converters The design method is to reduce the minimum distance from the end of the board to the end of the board to 7.95 mm, which can be used for the board end to board end connection below 65 GHz.



   The power data connector is a type of magnetic connector that has the function of transmitting data signals and electrical signals together. Voltages up to 60 VDC and current loads up to 40A. The RoPD® connector uses a magnetically locked design for perfect self-interference, and forced disconnection does not damage the device's connection port. Widely used in data transmission of home, robot and other data.



   The new magnetic connection architecture mode is adopted, and with the characteristics of magnetic automatic adsorption, various connection solutions are available, which are easy to operate, prevent false connections, high matching times, shockproof, etc., and can be used for smart wear, smart home appliances, 3C consumer products. External interface connection.


   High speed transmission

   As a result, customers have higher and higher requirements for picture clarity, and the demand for high-speed transmission functions of connector parts of the device interface has become stronger and stronger. In order to save space, improve system reliability, and speed up transmission, parallel transmission of high-power power and signals has become a trend. Tiankele's unique technology brings a more robust connectivity solution to homes and businesses, delivering richer content at 10 Gbit/s and reducing energy costs.

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