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5G connector officially entered the 5G first year


The 5G connector is an indispensable component in a 5G base station. 5G is the abbreviation of the fifth generation communication technology. The following is a brief introduction to the first to fifth generation communication technologies.

The first generation 1G uses frequency division multiple access (FDMA), which can only have low-quality voice calls; the second generation 2G uses time division multiple access (TDMA), which can have clear voice calls and extremely slow transmission data services; Three generations of 3G use code division multiple access (CDMA), which can have voice chat and data services together; the fourth generation 4g uses orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA), and its communication speed is further improved, and the 1K ultra clear video can be smoothly watched online. program. In the era of the fifth generation 5G mobile communication, it can carry a large number of device connections, have a faster reflection, and transmit more traffic.

Based on traditional indicators such as peak speed, mobility, delay and spectrum efficiency, 5G mobile communication technology has newly improved four important capability indicators: customer experience speed, connection density, traffic density and energy efficiency.

In fact, the 5G customer experience speed can reach 100Mbps to 1Gbps, adapting to the extreme business experience of mobile virtual reality technology; the connection density can reach 1 million / square kilometers, effectively adapting the massive IoT platform device connection; traffic density It reaches 10Mbps/m2, and supports mobile traffic growth of more than 1000 times in the future; the data transmission delay reaches the order of milliseconds, meeting the demanding standards of vehicle networking and industrial control. 5G will use a new network structure to ensure network bandwidth above 10Gbps, millisecond delay and ultra-high-density connection, achieving a new rise in network performance, opening a new era of Internet of Things and bringing infinite imagination.

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