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How much is the Mini-smp connector smaller than the normal smp connector?


Coaxial RF connectors are rapidly becoming one of the larger components in modern electronic systems. In response to the 5G trend, Tiankele has introduced a new line of Mini smp connectors that combines high performance and high frequency functions with small size and adds blind blending. The Mini smp connector's focus is small, lightweight, and the mating end configuration provides a range of fits and retentions to match specific applications.

The Mini-SMP connector (65 GHz) is 70% smaller than a normal SMP connector. Due to its small size and easy connection, blind-mate connectors are often used where electronic hardware must be installed in tight spaces where operation is limited. . Blind connectors are also designed to withstand harsh vibrations and extreme temperature conditions, making them ideal for demanding field applications. In addition, due to the increasing complexity and high density of circuit board designs, similar requirements have made blind-matched connectors a popular choice in the consumer electronics market.

The Mini smp connector is just one of the newly developed products of Tianke in 2018. If you want to know more about the latest blind matching technical indicators, please pay more attention to Tiankele. Tiankele has 12 years of RF test and measurement industry experience, professional sales, R&D technology and service team, which are excellent in RF microwave field, including: general microwave/RF test, wireless communication test, IoT RF test, microwave/RF Components, sensors, etc.

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