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How to purchase the cost-effective N-type connectors?


N-type Connectors are widely used in military, industrial and commercial grades,many companies need to purchase them. How to purchase cost-effective N-type joints?

The following three points should be considered when purchasing:

1. High quality raw materials,conform the RoHS requirements and durable

2. Excellent RF performance from DC to 11 GHz, and DC to 18 GHz with expandable range design

3. The thread connection mechanism is reasonable, and suitable for anti-vibration

N-type connectors have consistent performance at 11 GHz, a threaded connection, and fully interchangeable with N-type connectors which conform to MIL-C-39012 for all systems where excellent RF and mechanical performance are critical. Common application scenarios are antennas, base stations, instrumentation satellite systems, WLANs, radar systems, broadcasts, etc.

The quality of N RF Connectors workmanship and material often affect the speed of data transmission, the quality of signal transmission, the smoothness of the connection, directly related to system performance, stability and longevity. "Lightweight, miniaturized, low-cost, high-performance, mass-production type" is the the "five essentials" of the connector , when your requirements is higher, then the choice and process of materials is more demanding.

Twinlink has been diligent in the field of radio frequency, ISO quality control and research and development has been more than ten years, and it is quite successful in N-type RF Connectors. If you have any questions, please contact us, Twinlink will serve you wholeheartedly!

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