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What are the factors of RF cable assembly attenuation?


The RF cable assembly is used to transmit RF and microwave signal energy. It is a distributed parameter circuit whose electrical length is a function of physical length and transmission speed, which is fundamentally different from low frequency circuits. RF coaxial cables are divided into three types: semi-rigid and semi-soft flexible cables. Different types of cables should be selected for different applications. Semi-rigid and semi-flexible cables are typically used for interconnection within the equipment; and the flexible cables should be used in the field of test and measurement. The following small days will briefly introduce the major factors related to the attenuation of RF cable assemblies.

1. The thinner the cable, the greater the attenuation: such as the attenuation of 1000 meters of 75-7 cable, which is roughly equivalent to the attenuation of more than 600 meters of 75-5 cable, or the transmission effect of 75-7 cable of 1000 meters and the cable of 600 meters with 75-5 cable is roughly equivalent;

2. The longer the cable, the greater the attenuation: such as 750 meters of 75-5 cable, the "decibel number" of 6M frequency attenuation, 75% of the "decibel number" of 1000m attenuation, ie 15db; 2000m (1000+1000) attenuation For 20+20=40db, the calculation methods of the other frequency points are the same. According to the above 1000 m cable test data, when calculating the cable attenuation of different lengths, please remember that the number of decibels is the relationship between alkali additionor the number of decibels can be calculated according to the percentage change of length, which can be used flexibly;

3. Frequency distortion characteristics: low frequency attenuation and high frequency attenuation. The difference between the high/low sideband attenuation can be called the edge frequency difference, which is a very important parameter. The longer the cable, the larger the edge frequency difference; fully understanding and mastering this frequency distortion characteristicof the coaxial cable is of great significance in engineering; this is the most critical characteristic affecting image quality. The most overlooked problem in engineering.

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