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RF coaxial connector RF circuit


With the development of communication technology, the frequency used by RF coaxial connectors in communication equipment is increasing. Radio frequency (RF) and microwave (MW) circuits are widely used in communication systems, and the field of high-frequency circuit design has received special attention from the industry. New semiconductor devices continue to expand high-speed digital systems and high-frequency analog systems. The carrier frequency of the microwave radio frequency identification system (RFID) is in the frequency range of 915 MHz and 2450 MHz; the global positioning system (GPS) carrier frequency is in the frequency range of 1227.60 MHz and 1575.42 MHz;

The radio frequency circuit in the personal communication system operates at 1.9 GHz and can be integrated into a personal communication terminal that is becoming smaller and smaller; in the C-band satellite broadcast communication system, a 4 GHz uplink communication link and a 6 GHz downlink communication link are included. Usually these circuits operate at frequencies above 1 GHz, and this trend will continue as communication technologies evolve. However, dealing with such high frequency circuits requires not only special equipment and devices, but also theoretical knowledge and practical experience that are not used in DC and low frequency circuits.

RF is referred to as RF, and RF is RF current. It is an abbreviation for high-frequency AC-changing electromagnetic waves. An alternating current that changes less than 1000 times per second is called a low-frequency current, and a frequency greater than 1000 times is called a high-frequency current, and a radio frequency is such a high-frequency current.

A radio frequency circuit is a circuit that processes the electromagnetic wavelength of a signal by the same order of magnitude as the circuit or device size. At this time, due to the relationship between device size and wire size, the circuit needs to be processed by the relevant theory of distributed parameters. Such circuits can be considered as RF circuits, and there is no strict requirement on their frequency, such as AC transmission lines for long distance transmission (50 or 60Hz) Sometimes it is also treated with the relevant theory of RF.

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