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RF coaxial connector selection factor


The RF connectors for the RF coaxial feeder system are collectively referred to as RF coaxial connectors. The RF connectors ensure RF coaxial cables or coaxial and microstrips in the RF transmission lines for communication and electronic equipment and similar electronic devices. The shaft and the waveguide are connected to each other, and the plug portion thereof is usually installed at the cable end, and the socket portion is often mounted on the device fixing module, and is also suitable for the connection between the two RF cables.

Example: BNC plug and socket

Plug: A connector that has an active part of the coupling mechanism that is both a nut or a bayonet coupling, typically a free RF connector.

Socket: A connector that is mated to a plug, typically a fixed RF connector.

The RF coaxial connectors are connected by means of a threaded connector, a bayonet connector, a push-in connector, and a push-in locking connector.

The selection of RF coaxial connectors is based on the following five key factors:

First, the interface mechanism type

The connection mechanism of the RF connector not only provides convenient and rapid connection or separation of the coaxial transmission line, but also ensures the stability of the electrical performance and environmental protection device. When there is not enough space in the application place to rotate the connection nut, the non-twisting should be selected. Type connection mechanism. In addition, for the frame connector, the non-twist type connection mechanism is also very practical.

Second, electrical performance

1. Characteristic impedance: the connector should conform to the impedance of the transmission system and cable, otherwise it will lead to system performance degradation;

2. Withstand voltage: The maximum withstand voltage of the connector should meet the withstand voltage regulation adopted by the system; normally, if it is used in wide-band applications, some beneficial broadband impedance matching characteristics should be sacrificed to obtain the required high voltage. Rating.

3. Maximum work efficiency.

Third, the cable connection method and cable type

Cable connection

There are two ways to connect the connector cable:

   a. Welding center conductor, the standard loosening method of the embedded braided wire is still practical, and is especially suitable for the installation of special tools without special features, and is conducive to on-site maintenance;

   b. Crimp the center conductor and crimp the clamping method of the braid. Because the crimping method works efficiently, the termination performance is reliable, and the correlation is good, it has become a versatile way.

2. Cable type

Cable connectors should be selected according to the characteristics of various application cables (such as flexible cables, semi-rigid cables, corrugated conductor insulated cables, and foamed insulated cables). Generally, cables with small outer diameters are matched with small connectors.

Fourth, the termination form

The connector can be used as a radio frequency coaxial cable, printed circuit board, chassis and drawer functional components, and a connection interface.

V. Materials and coatings

The key to the outer and inner conductors is brass, beryllium copper, tin bronze, and the insulating material is primarily tetrafluoroethylene; the center conductor is usually silver or gold plated and the outer casing is nickel or silver. All gold plating of SMA, SMB, SSMB, SMC outer conductors.

RF coaxial connectors are used to transmit RF energy and operate over a frequency range of up to 18 GHz or higher. The basic structure consists of: positive and negative neutral contacts, outer interface material, and the outermost contact piece. The outer part is like the outer shield of the cable. It has the same function: transmitting signals and shielding the ground.

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