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The importance of connecting SMP RF connectors between PCB boards


Due to the increasing demand for board-to-board connections between SMP RF connectors. The longitudinal distance between the upper and lower parallel boards is not guaranteed to be exactly same, and there is parallel misalignment between the two boards, especially in the case where multiple sets of paths are connected at the same time between the two boards. Because of the transmission of RF signals, a good overall connection is especially important for RF performance.

This performance includes small signal performance and large signal power performance. Otherwise, the impedance does not match, causing the signal reflection attenuation to be too large, the transmission signal is too small, and the power withstand capability is weak. The SMP MAX board-to-board connector assembly designed in conjunction with the PCB has large axial and radial tolerances and power tolerance, making it ideal for applications where multiple RF paths are required on the board. The SMP MAX board-to-board connector assembly is a floating structure consisting of a snap holder soldered to PCB, another slide holder soldered to the PCB, and an intermediate adapter bullet. The two carriers are soldered to two PCB boards, and three SMP RF connectors and two PCB boards form a connector board assembly.

 Since the whole machine is applied to different PCB, the SMP RF connector is connected to different PCB. The RF performance difference is very large, which is caused by the mismatch of the transmission circuits. It's not just a matter of changing the PCB layout. Therefore, the overall cooperative design of the connector and PCB Layout must be carried out according to the requirements of use, and good RF performance can be guaranteed under different tolerances. Since the SMP RF connector is used in the communication field, the board and the board are connected differently, and the user's board is different. Therefore, professional design is necessary for the application.  Since 2007, Twinlinks R&D team has been researching and designing products for the market in the field of RF communication. You are always welcome to visit and exchange with Twinlink!

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