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Independence and application range of semi-rigid RF cable assembly


The most basic structure of a semi-rigid RF cable assembly is a coaxial transmission line composed of metal tubes. Wherein, the metal tube is usually a copper tube forming an outer conductor, and has a wire conductor along a center line of the copper tube. It is indicated that the central wire conductor is supported by the dielectric material and thus maintained on the same central axis of the outer conductor.

Independent microwave component

It is extremely important to realize that the semi-rigid RF cable assembly itself is also an important microwave component. This means that the size of a semi-rigid cable is as important as other couplers, bridges, and even the size of the amplifier. If done properly, the cable can successfully perform predictable stability effects in connecting components of the system. As long as the other good link budget analysis is studied, it can be found that the electrical parameters including the attenuation and the voltage standing wave ratio play a particularly important role in the transmission and reception of the RF signal at a given frequency.

More semi-rigid cables and standard RG-type cables are perceptible: one installation per semi-rigid RF cable assembly with brazed connectors when space is appropriate and care must be taken and thermal cycling and other tests are required The time required for the device may be nearly one hour or more; in contrast, a crimped RF connector for a flexible (non-semi-rigid) coaxial cable can be installed in less than a minute or less.

Broadband application range

Semi-rigid RF cable assemblies typically support RF signal transmission within 65 GHz. In addition, although not commonly used, RF cable assemblies terminated with 1.0mm connectors enable high frequency operation up to 110GHz. Semi-rigid coaxial cables vary in size and range in diameter from 0.020 inches to 0.250 inches. Among the Twinlink products, 0.141-inch and 0.086-inch cables are popular.

In addition, the 0.047-inch diameter cable with a smaller connector is increasingly being favored by customers because it can be adapted to higher frequencies. The 0.141" diameter semi-rigid coaxial cable is terminated with a high frequency SMA or 2.92mm connector and can be used up to 27GHz. The 0.086-inch diameter semi-rigid coaxial cable, although often used in conjunction with SMA connectors, operates at frequencies up to 65 GHz when terminated by a 1.85 mm connector.

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