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Performance and structural characteristics of SMA RF coaxial connectors


Sma RF coaxial connector has the advantages of small size, wide frequency band, superior mechanical performance and high reliability. It is one of the most widely used RF coaxial connectors. Since it is one of the popular RF coaxial connectors, It is necessary for you to have a better understanding of the connector. Twinlink will provide a brief introduction about its performance and structural characteristics as following:

The SMA coaxial connector is a connector with an outer diameter of 4.13 mm and a characteristic impedance of 50 Ω. The connection mechanism is an inch thread (1/4-36 UNS-2A external thread and 1/4-36 UNS-2B internal thread). It is generally equipped with a hexagonal connecting nut of 7.85mm to 8mm. According to applicable conditions, three safety wire holes with a minimum diameter of 0.41mm are evenly distributed on the connecting nut for passing through a safety wire with a diameter of 0.38mm to improve the SMA. Reliability of the connector.

The SMA connector has a thin wall that must be made of an alloy material of good strength and toughness (such as beryllium copper alloy) and subjected to proper heat treatment.

The outer conductor of the SMA pin connector has a thin wall and should be made of a good strength alloy material such as beryllium copper or stainless steel. Made of metal with poor strength, when the tightening torque is large, the outer conductor may collapse and fail. The connecting mechanism is threaded, the connection is separated slowly, and requires a large wrench space, which is not suitable for high-density installation.

Performance characteristics

Due to the different structural forms, and the electrical performance indexes such as the frequency range, voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), and insertion loss of various types of SMA connectors, and are specified in the respective applicable standards. For example, in the currently valid GJB680/2, GJB680/28, and GJB680/31, the frequency range, voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), and insertion loss of the SMA connector adapter are different.

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