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How to choose coaxial cable connector


Xiaotian is here to introduce you how to choose a coaxial cable connector. When selecting RF coaxial connectors, both performance requirements and economic factors must be considered. Performance must meet the requirements of the system electrical equipment. Economically, it must meet the value engineering requirements. The following aspects should be considered when selecting:

1. Connector fitting mode (thread connection: SMA, SSMA, N, TNC, etc.; bayonet connection: BNC; push-in connection (SMB, SSMB, MCX, MMCX, PD4, P4, SMP, etc.)

2, electrical performance, installation and cable

3. Termination form (PC board, cable, panel, etc.)

4. Mechanical structure and plating layer (for military and industrial use)

Use coaxial cable connectors, in consideration of electrical performance, installation and cable: First, the connector should match the impedance of the system and cable, impedance mismatch will lead to system performance degradation; in addition, ensure that the connector can not exceed the maximum resistance of the connector The value of the voltage; then, each connector interface has a maximum frequency limit, and some commercial 75 ohm designs have a minimum frequency limit;

Finally, the mounting method of the connector is mounted and welded. With the development of low cost installation tools, the welding center conductor and the crimping shield are welcomed.

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