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The Development Limitations of High Frequency Connector Manufacturers


Compare to other electronic components, the RF connectors have a shorter history . The development limitations of high frequency connectors are as follows:

1. Variety of specifications: more than 20 international series, more varieties and specifications.

2. By mechanical structure to ensure electrical characteristics, is a mechatronics product, and is essentially different from other low-frequency connectors.

3. The machining of parts is mainly machining of turning machines. There are many manual operations and it is difficult to carry out automatic assembly.

4. Product update is slow.

5. It is an important part of the electrical connector and belongs to labor-intensive products with certain technical content.

6. Product reliability, failure mode and failure mechanism are complex.

Due to the characteristics of high-frequency connectors, the development limitations of high-frequency connector manufacturers are determined:

1. The strength is thin and the scale is too small.

2. Participation in market competition is outdated, the civilian product market has appeared below the cost price, and there are other unfair competitions.

3. The sense of globalization is poor and cannot adapt to the needs of the new economic era.

4. Digitalization and e-commerce management are backward.

5. There is no RF connector professional in colleges and universities, resulting in a shortage of professionals.

6. The continuous influx of foreign capital and localized production.

7. Precision connector and surface mount connector technology are backward.

8. Passive intermodulation issues have not received sufficient attention.

Twinlink Communication Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of high frequency connectors. In the future, we will confirm the development direction from the following aspects:

1. Focus on miniaturized connectors

With the miniaturization of the whole system, the size of the RF connector is getting smaller and smaller, such as SSMB, MMCX and other series, the volume is very small.

2. Break through high frequency

Domestic general-purpose products use no more than 40GHz, soft cable use frequency does not exceed 10GHz, and semi-rigid cable does not exceed 20GHz. With the needs of the 5G market, the frequency requirements of connectors will become higher and higher.

3. Multifunctional

In addition to the role of the bridge, it also has the function of processing signals, such as filtering, phase adjustment, mixing, attenuation, detection, and limiting.

4. Low standing wave, low loss

Meet the needs of more sophisticated measurements.

5. Large capacity, high power

Mainly adapted to the development needs of the information superhighway.

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