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High frequency connector is used correctly


The high-frequency connector is an electrical plug-in that is mainly used in electronic products and electric equipment, and its purpose is to greatly improve the production and maintenance efficiency of electronic products. Due to the large number of plug-in connections, it is necessary to understand the correct use of the RF connector in order to use it properly and prolong the life of the connector.

Basic instructions for using the connector:

(1) Connector connector

The yin and yang are connected in a manner, and the cathode contact is a jack, and the elastic structure is elastically deformed when the pin is inserted and formed into close contact with the male contact to complete the connection. Be careful not to plug in brute force, elastic deformation is a recoverable deformation, but there is also an upper limit of elasticity.

working frequency

The RF connector can be divided into low frequency and high frequency (with 3MHz boundary) according to the operating frequency. Remember not to mix high and low frequencies.

(3) Electric strength

Do not use the rated voltage between the connector contacts.

(4) Salt spray environment

Try to avoid common connectors in extreme temperature, humidity, corrosive environment, bumpy vibration and strong impact. If there are special circumstances, special customization is required.

These are just a few basic usage notes listed by Xiaotian. For more considerations on the use of connectors and RF solutions, you can consult a professional manufacturer!

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