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High-end RF connector market is in short supply


As long as there is a wireless system, there will be a microwave RF connector. These interconnects provide solutions for wireless infrastructure applications, including cellular base stations, radio links, mobile switches, antennas, combiners, filters, transceivers, amplifiers, and other components.

Over the past 10 years, as consumers and governments have adopted mobile devices, the demand for wireless devices has grown exponentially, becoming the fastest-growing market for RF/microwave and millimeter-wave connectors. The transmission and reception of signals and sensors covers all aspects of modern life, from RFID tags for toll road reading or inventory tracking to personal devices, smart homes and wearable devices.

With the overcrowding of microwave and low frequency millimeter wave bands, users in these bands, especially mobile operators, must extend their work area to higher frequencies. The RF connector market is divided into two levels. The low-end products are piled up like soil, the high-end products are scarce like gold, and the high-end RF connector market is in short supply.

In the traditional RF microwave field, new technologies and new developments in the past two years have emerged in an endless stream, especially in RF connectors used in IoT smart products. The technical and performance requirements are getting higher and higher, and the processing requirements are getting finer and finer. The types of requirements are becoming more and more abundant, and it is difficult for general manufacturers to meet such high requirements.

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