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How to choose the materials of RF Connectors?


The parts of the RF connector are often made of lead-containing copper alloy. Lead makes the copper alloy brittle and easier to cut. It is made of lead brass with "C3..." (such as C36000, C34500, C35300; C3601, C3602, C3603, C3604, C3605). - The lead content exceeds the EU requirements. This grade is rarely used.) Phosphor bronze is C53400, C53800, C54440, beryllium copper is C17300 and C17200 is not (lead-free). Of course, the addition of lead will also affect the mechanical properties of copper alloy. The plasticity of the material is reduced, and the difficulty of machining hardening is increased. Therefore, in the case where there is a certain requirement for product plasticity, materials with too high lead content should not be selected. Twinlink engineers strictly select the materials for the customer's application.

The choice of insulation material for RF connectors has a great influence on its transmission performance, even decisive. Commonly used insulator materials are PTFE a fluororesin with good corrosion resistance and cutting performance, and very good thermal stability. And flame retardant, anti-static, has good lubricity, has good electrical properties and insulation properties in a large temperature and frequency range, another outstanding feature is that PTFE has a small elastic modulus, so it is easy to be denatured. , good elasticity, very suitable for the insulator of the coaxial connector; PTFE melted after the viscosity is not suitable for injection molding processing, commonly used at room temperature molding; PTFE is one of the most commonly used fluoroplastics.

Another type is PEEK. PEEK is a partially crystalline material with high tensile strength, good thermal stability and high melting point (334 ° C), and good chemical inertness (except sulfuric acid). In addition, it is highly resistant to corrosion and can withstand radioactive contamination. The crystal structure of PEEK makes it equally suitable for hot injection molding.

PEEK has good electrical conductivity and high strength. The RF connector seal is usually made of silicone rubber. This material is soft and flexible. The purpose of the rubber gasket used in the connector is to isolate moisture and prevent other contamination. It only reacts with acidic substances. Sometimes, silicone rubber is used for the purpose of achieving flame retardancy.

Twinlink has 12 years of ISO quality system management and control, and has more than 30 quality control personnel. It has three advanced laboratories, including electrical performance, mechanical performance and environmental performance, to provide customers with high reliability products. All products are made of raw materials that meet ROSH requirements, and 90% of suppliers have cooperated for more than 10 years. The pursuit of high quality products is the guarantee of Twinlink people.

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