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Advantages and Disadvantages of 5G High Speed Communication Connector


Everything is constantly evolving and evolving. In order to meet market demands, connectors are constantly being upgraded. In the future 5G network, communication equipment, artificial intelligence, driverless, robotics, aerospace technology, instrument manufacturing and other fields, 5G high-speed communication connectors will play a fundamental role.

In order to achieve a 5G network with a higher transmission rate, it exhibits low latency, high reliability and low power consumption in transmission, ensuring better support for future IoT applications. The 5G high-speed communication connector has the following features:

The advantages of 5G high-speed communication connectors are miniaturization, high-frequency, diversification, and quality, which can save material costs, improve quality requirements, and increase batch demand. The disadvantage of 5G high-speed communication connector is that the design cost increases, the technical requirements increase, and the processing difficulty increases. Some manufacturers without R&D design will be eliminated. Some brand manufacturers will have patented technology and easily form a monopoly market.

Twinlink has formed a complete set of mid-to-one one-to-one business services and post-sales services with 12 years experience, regardless of product precision, process handling, R&D and quality control, or pre-production design. service system. The products are in line with international environmental certification, have their own technology patents, and represent the patented products of Kathrein, Germany, and are expected to break through the R&D and design of 5G high-speed communication connectors.

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