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Development of n-type joints


The N-type connector, also known as the N-type connector, was originally designed to carry signals up to 1 GHz in military applications, but today's popular N-type can easily handle frequencies up to 11 GHz and is also widely used. Civil projects.

The N-type connector is designed to meet the needs of durable, weatherproof, medium-sized RF connectors with consistent performance at 11 GHz. Recently, companies have made more precise improvements to the n-type connector design, pushing it to 18 GHz. The male connector is manually tightened (although a model with a hex nut can also be used) and there is an air gap between the center conductor and the outer conductor. The coupling has a 5 / 8-24 UNEF thread. The center coaxial contact is identical to the TNC and BNC connectors.

Of course, there are also companies that recommend tightening to 15 inches - lb (1.7 Nm) of torque, while dissenting companies recommend their hex nut variants of 20 inches - lb (2.3 Nm). Since the torque limit depends only on the thread quality and cleanliness, and the primary operational requirement is good RF contact without significant steps or gaps, these values should be considered indicative rather than critical.

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