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Regional characteristics of domestic RF connector manufacturers


The development of the domestic RF connector industry is still in its infancy, and domestic RF connector manufacturers need to continuously integrate and standardize the status quo and shortcomings as follows:

1. Small scale and insufficient liquidity.

2. Fighting prices, the market appears below the cost price sales and other unfair competition.

3. The sense of globalization is poor and cannot adapt to the needs of the new economic era.

4. The lack of RF connector professionals, precision connectors, surface mount connector technology behind.

5. No brand, processing, foreign capital and local production.

The rapid development of the downstream industry provides a broad market space for the RF connection products industry. The RF connector is the core basic component for ensuring the stability of RF signal transmission and signal transmission quality of the communication network. Its development is in line with the key elements of the national communication and information industry. Device support policy. Domestic RF connector manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Zhejiang, Xi'an, and Shenzhen. Shenzhen is relatively superior in terms of technology and talent.

Twinlink is a manufacturer of RF connectors with 12 years of production experience. It briefly summarizes the features of the connectors used:

1. The lower the frequency, the larger the inner and outer diameters of the connector, such as the hoe, BNC head, etc.

2. Connectors with air media are more fragile than connectors for filled media when used with care.

3. When using the high-frequency low-loss connector, try to use a torque wrench and gently handle it.

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