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Production Process of Coaxial Cable Connector


Twinlink is a manufacturer of RF connectors with 12 years of production experience, summing up and creating unique production processes and management methods. Twinlink is here to briefly introduce the operating process and manufacturing method of coaxial cable connectors.

First of all, you need to prepare equipment and tools for making coaxial cable connectors, mainly including hand operated press, stripping machine, scissors, diagonal pliers, wire stripper, solder, resistance welding equipment, network analyzer, and IMD tester, torque wrench, high pressure test equipment, injection molding equipment or hot air cylinder. The operation process includes: punching the insulator into the main body, entering the shell, cutting the wire, stripping the skin, immersing the tin, welding the center conductor, welding the outer conductor, testing the net, testing the IMD, testing the high pressure, molding or blowing the heat.

Refer to the operation flow to introduce the manufacturing method of the coaxial cable connector. During the assembly process, keep the environment clean and tidy, pay attention to the finger cover; keep the inside of the joint body free of impurities, no oxidation, no copper, no bumps, etc.; keep the wire intact, pay attention to whether the stripping size is accurate; Note that the surrounding environment must not have a strong airflow, pay attention to the welding time not too long, can be welded again after cooling; the test is best to use a torque wrench, the IMD test can be used to hit the solder joint by using a rubber hammer (until the test is completed) )dynamics test.

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