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Application and development of millimeter wave connectors


The millimeter wave RF coaxial connector is an important component for signal connection between millimeter wave systems. In recent years, with the development of the millimeter wave system, the conventional method of using a rectangular or circular waveguide for millimeter wave connection has become less and less suitable for the trend toward miniaturization of the millimeter wave system.

Today's millimeter-wave systems need to realize multi-channel signal interconnection in a limited space, and require blind insertion and fast loading and unloading. The installation method of the waveguide can no longer meet this technical requirement, so the application of the millimeter-wave RF coaxial connector is gradually on the right track. And more and more military weapons and equipment systems have steadily increased their demand.

At present, there are many types of millimeter wave connectors that have been introduced at home and abroad, such as 1.9mm, 2.4mm, non-polar millimeter wave connectors. However, in these millimeter wave connectors, the 1.9mm connector has a frequency of more than 50 GHz, but it has not been widely popularized and applied due to its poor reliability.

Most of the previously introduced millimeter-wave connectors have been developed based on the SMA design, which is compatible with SMA connectors while extending the frequency to make it easier for the majority of users. However, this requirement also limits many further improvements in performance. The 2.4MM connector solves this development problem of millimeter wave connectors.

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