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RF connector and PCB board connection


   The layout of the PCB board should have a detailed understanding of the board function, operating frequency band, current and voltage, main RF device type, EMC, and related RF specifications, and specify the laminated structure, impedance control, outline size, shielding cavity and cover size position. Special device processing, such as RF connector size specifications.

   According to the main signal flow direction of the board, the main components are arranged regularly. Firstly, the RF RF connector is fixed according to the RF port position, and its orientation is adjusted to minimize the length of the RF path. In addition to considering the general layout rules, it is also necessary to consider how to reduce The mutual interference and anti-interference ability of each part ensures sufficient isolation of multiple circuits. For circuit modules with insufficient isolation or sensitivity and strong radiation source, it is considered to use a metal shield to shield RF energy in the RF area.

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