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RF connector application


RF connectors play an important role in any home or industrial electrical and electronic system. They connect the power lines and ensure that continuous current flows through them. RF connectors are a cost-effective way to reduce the time lost during cable connections. The purpose of cable glands is to lay, connect, terminate and repair underground power cables, which are mainly used to lay new power cables through underground pipes and terminate them on electrical equipment.

Different types of cables are used depending on their intended application, so the type of requirements will be different. The connectors are available in a variety of configurations to accommodate different connections. The connectors are typically used to connect cables to two power supplies, while the branch connectors facilitate branching. If you determine the intended application, you can purchase the most suitable structural joint.

Any electrical system requires several accessories, such as cable branches, insulating tape, inline transition joints, outdoor and indoor transitions, cold shrink tubing, heat shrink tubing, etc. Each accessory can perform a specific function. There are various types of cable connectors to choose from for a variety of applications, including:

Cable jacket repair

Steel wire armored cable


Types of

Complete kit including sleeves, resin bags, cable ties, etc.

Various joint types (branch, multi-branch, straight)

Available in halogen-free version

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