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Sma connector is widely used in the Internet of Things industry


SMA connectors, also known as SMA connectors, are widely used in half-precision ultra-small RF and microwave connector, especially for RF connections in electronic systems with frequencies up to 18 GHz or higher. At present, more and more scenes need to use sma joints, sma consists of the main body, center pin, insulator, waterproof ring.

SMA connectors have been widely used in the RF industry before, and are now favored by the Internet of Things industry for a large number of applications, such as smart meters, drone antennas, smart refrigerators, logistics storage and other scenarios, including joint performance indicators, design Everything is different.

Appearance has straight SMA connector, patch SMA connector, cable connection, board connection, performance requirements from 6G to 20G, standing wave requirements of 1.2, according to the use of the environment one-to-one correspondence, line Cable types are also different, there are double-layer woven single-layer weaving, cable models are RG316 and RG405.

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