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What are the common antenna connectors?


An RF connector is a connector for electrical connections for signal transmission in radio frequency applications. These connectors are used in a variety of applications from 0 to 18 GHz and above. RF connectors are widely used in antenna connectors, and all types of RF connectors have a male connector and a female connector. Male connectors are commonly referred to as plugs and female connectors are referred to as jacks. Common antenna connectors are as follows:

Antenna of SMA interface: The full name of the antenna interface of SMA should be SMA reverse grade male, that is, the antenna connector is internally threaded and the inner contact is a needle (the end of the wireless device is externally threaded and the inner contact is the tube). There are many kinds of SMA. The difference in polarity is called "SMA" and the other is called "RP-SMA". The difference between them is: standard SMA is: "external thread + hole", "internal thread + needle ", RP-SMA is: "external thread + needle", "internal thread + hole".

Antenna of the TNC interface: The full name of the antenna interface of the TNC should be the TNC reverse-grade male, which is thicker than the SMA. There is a metal shield between the external and internal contacts of the antenna connector.

MMCX interface antenna: more common in AP and wireless routing built-in PCMCIA interface wireless network card, AP and wireless routing transmission part of two, one is wireless network card. There are also wireless transmitter modules.

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