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Production process of RF adapters?


There are countless RF RF adapter manufacturers on the market, and RF connectors are distinguished by a number of key parameters. These specifications include physical dimensions, impedance, VSWR, coupling type, and bandwidth or frequency range. What are the production processes for RF adapters?

The production process of a manufacturer determines whether it is professional and whether it can guarantee the performance of the product. It also determines whether it can be produced according to the process and can be delivered on time. It is critical that a company adopts a quality system control flow chart to ensure the performance quality of the SMA connector.

After the customer confirms the order, the company will quickly set up a new project planning team to design input, output control, BOM, acknowledgement, drawings, design verification, confirmation, etc. according to the ODM and OEM, and enter the production trial production process. After ok, it will conduct trial production, inspection, audit, final trial production summary, approval mass production and so on.

After entering the mass production, there will be production management, control, shipment inspection and other processes. After the order is shipped, the corresponding business personnel will actively follow up the customer and carry out good after-sales service.

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