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The difference between MCX connector and SMB


MCX connectors are sometimes referred to as OSX connectors, which were originally used in the 1980s and are CECC 22220 compliant. The main application areas of MCX connectors are transportation, communication, network, IT, medical, and intelligent Internet of Things. The mcx connector has been developed into a series of products and specialized products with complete product range, rich variety specifications, diverse structural types, professional direction subdivision, obvious industry characteristics, and standard system specifications. The MCX connector and the SMB connector have some of the same places and different places. What is the difference between the following days?

The MCX connector has the same internal contact and dielectric dimensions as the SMB connector, but the MCX plug has an outer diameter that is approximately 30% smaller than the SMB. The 50 ohm MCX connector has less engagement/disengagement than the SMB and offers wideband performance from DC to 6 GHz with a rated voltage of 335 VRMS (depending on the cable used), a maximum operating voltage of 250 V and a withstand voltage of 1,000 volts. The coupled MCX connector can be rotated 360 degrees for precise alignment without loss of performance. The MCX plug has a center pin, dielectric or insulating layer that extends beyond the pins, and six slotted springs refer to the surrounding insulation. The MCX plug is inserted into the socket body.

The above can give you a better understanding of the difference between MCX connector and SMB. However, it is necessary to explain the mcx connectors in different supporting fields and different use environments, and the requirements for the above technologies are completely different. If you need high-frequency RF connectors, contact online customer service, Twinlink will provide professional solutions.

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