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How is the car RF connector applied to the car?


With the continuous development of domestic automotive information technology, wireless communication for vehicles has been continuously enhanced, and RF connectors have occupied a pivotal position in automobiles. It can be seen that automotive RF connectors are increasingly being valued, so how is it used in automotive applications? ? Below the small series will take you to understand the application conditions of automotive RF connectors.

In the car, the complex environment of the car is generally considered. The antenna module is about 60 feet of coaxial cable in the center, and the car connector is usually connected with the fakra connector. Now fakra has been widely used in the automotive industry. Among these, the connector housing has a variety of colors, and these colors are also standard in the industry depending on the application. These connectors are used in navigation systems, car phones, car TVs, remote diagnostics, audio equipment, broadcast antennas, and more.

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