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What should be paid attention to application installation of cable assembly


If you have a set of cable assembly performance, it can be used to compare cables from different suppliers and determine the best value for coaxial cable assembly. However, the requirements of each application usually determine the specific requirements for cable assembly. electrical and mechanical cable requirements can make a big difference between different systems, such as cable weight in airborne system and the importance of the ground system, need to mate with connector type. System, operating frequency range, operating temperature range, power handling capacity, etc.

A good performance for the cable assemblies might be to decide on the connector. The connector not only sets limits on the performance of the cable assembly, such as frequency range and power handling capacity, but also determines the available coaxial cable diameter range. For example, a larger diameter cable will support the termination of an n-type connector, while a smaller diameter cable will better match a smaller connector, such as a SMA connector. N connector provides excellent electrical performance at 11 GHz, whereas SMA typically has the same attenuation and return loss performance at 18 GHz.

In some applications, especially in commercial communication systems using digital modulation,(IMD) performance of coaxial cable assemblies can be a key parameter. The comparison is usually based on LOW (PIM) of the cable. PIM is usually evident for communication standards. The different of PIM for coaxial cable assemblies can be compared, but there is no industry standard for absolute reference. It should be noted that PIM level for the cable assembly is somewhat arbitrary and the measurements can vary according to the test method and test environment.

Otherwise, cable assembly parameters of application requirements are for indoor, outdoor, airspace or test laboratories. Use locations may require coaxial cable assemblies with specific materials. For example, cables used for outdoor use usually require an outer sheath made of some form of plastic or thermoplastic for environmental protection. Cable sheath for outdoor applications may require resistance to oxidation . Furthermore, some locations may require cable assemblies with a refractory sheath.

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