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MCX connector features and benefits


The MCX connector is widely used. The following is a brief introduction to the features and advantages of the MCX connector:

1. MCX connector is a plug-in butt type connector that is easy to plug and unplug and easy to replace. Improved many production processes

2. The long-term insertion and removal of the MCX connector will also fail. If it fails, the failed connector can be replaced quickly.

3. The MCX connector application device is also easy to upgrade. As the technology advances, the MCX connector facilitates device upgrade when the device with the connector is updated and upgraded.

4. MCX connector design flexibility, MCX connector has more flexibility than other connectors when designing and updating products, and when using components to form a system.

5. MCX connector is a push-in connection structure, small in size, easy to connect RF coaxial connector. The characteristic impedance of the MCX connector is 50Ω and 75Ω, and the impedance is required.

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