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Talking about board to board SMP connector


The SMP connector is a small plug-in interconnect that is typically used in high-density blind pairing systems up to 40 GHz. Standard SMP connectors are available in high frequency 40ghz versions and low frequency 8ghz versions, as well as apertures, finite blocks and full block types. It is commonly used for miniaturized high frequency coaxial modules and offers push-ups and top-down styles. The interconnection of this SMP connector family addresses all plug-in design requirements. The configurable board-to-board pairing on the PCB provides a right-angle or straight-line docking option to allow for tolerances.

Twinlink SMP connectors (subminiature plug-in connectors) include a wide range of RoHS and REACH compliant products. The SMP connector category has many configurations, including wiring connectors, PCB mounting, unsealed and sealed connections. Twinlink's SMP connectors are manufactured to precise microwave and RF industry specifications and are part of more than 40,000 off-the-shelf RF products.

Recently, an Israeli customer requested a board-to-board SMP connector. This is a brand new project. The customer has no specific solution. Twinlink offers three or four solutions that are constantly being modified during the design process and ultimately endorsed by the customer. To reach a bulk order,

There are some problems in the R&D process, but the R&D team with more than ten years of experience solves the problems in the customer project one by one. One of the tolerance issues, the company opened several meetings to discuss and solve the problem to ensure the smooth progress of the first order.

Twinlink's superior technical support and customer service are on hand to provide you with a variety of ultra-small board-to-board SMP connectors. The guarantee of providing customers with high quality products is the driving force for Twinlink people to continuously promote high quality products. Twinlink is committed to being a leader in the RF field. The pursuit of high performance and high quality is the driving force of Twinlink.

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