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Loss to other RF connector manufacturers is likely because of these details


Loss to other RF connector manufacturers is likely because of these details

In Xiaotian's view, traditional RF connector manufacturers are generally more old-fashioned, but a small number of RF connector manufacturers have done a very interesting job, it will collect feedback from buyers, as well as comments on the online platform. To make adjustments to their own products, put user needs first.

For example, a connector in the RF connector can do customization for each user on the production line, and in the whole process, Haier will tell the user when your connector is customized and when it can be delivered to your home. Is to choose to send holidays, or workdays and so on.

There is also a manufacturer specializing in antenna RF connectors. In the domestic RF industry, its products are among the best. Unlike other peers, other people go to foreign factories to learn, they take the products directly, and they take the whole set of manufacturing processes and manufacturing processes, and make continuous optimization, through continuous depth. Learn, improve and innovate, so that your products meet the national standards, and even become the industry standard.

These detail-conscious manufacturers are examples of Twinlink's learning. Twinlink, as a manufacturer of RF connectors, keeps user needs at the forefront. In order to design a better product that meets the needs of the new era, it will continue to innovate and learn.

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