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RF connector signal instability factor


When we use the connector, the pin should be opened with absolute force, but it is easier to separate. Therefore, it is judged that the commissure of the electrical connector is more important than the separation force. Therefore, the interaction of the two forces is easy to cause the connector to wear out. If you want to reduce the loss, look at the following good methods: increase the strength of the gold-plated layer on the contact surface of the connector, so that the friction can be effectively reduced. The contact surface of the connector can be nickel plated and then gold plated, which is less frictional than gold plating directly on the copper, which can reduce the loss of the connector.

At present, Xiaotian receives a customer to inquire, and wants to change the previous supplier. What is the reason? The RF connector connection made by the supplier before the customer feedback is not stable. If the user uses the shake, the signal will be interrupted. It is required that our joint design should have a firm connection. It can be seen that the performance reliability of the RF joint is composed of several factors.

1. The thicker the nickel layer, the stronger the wear resistance of the gold plating layer.

2. The smoother the surface, that is, the lower the roughness, so the friction is small.

3. On the way that we normally use the connector, we can reduce the behavior of the human-damaged connector, and always pay attention to the maintenance of the connector.

R&D engineers produce the product after multiple simulations.

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